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Hi jiu jitsu people,

Lately many students ask me about the belts and what the main focus should be for each one of them. So here is a  »resume » of my opinion on the subject. Feel free to comment  :)

Brazilian jiu jitsu classes and the role of each person regarding their belt levels.

In my opinion:

- A white belt should be dedicated 100% to taking classes with a qualified instructor on a daily basis , LIVE! Pretty simple isnt it  :)

-A blue belt should dedicate 100% to taking classes with a qualified instructor on a daily basis , LIVE! He Could occasionally help the Instructor with begginer classes if the head instructor asks for some help here and there, but the blue belt should not focus on teaching more than learning and training at this level.

-A purple belt should also focus mainly on his training and taking classes with a live black belt if possible *.
* P.S. (Dont get me wrong here, In 2016 it is now possible almost everywere in America to have a black belt insrtuctor on a daily basis, there is very little reason not to drive to get your classes from a qualified black belt that will monitor your progress in a live fashion and on a daily basis, I personally drove 120 km per classes for 5 years, so pardon me if I have a hard time understanding why people would train in a diluted form of BJJ in 2016,.There are exceptions , like areas that are VERY FAR from the main cities. We understand that if you live in Kuujjuaq its better to have a blue belt instructor than nothing. Regarding the video methods of teaching, it should be a tool only and should not replace your main way to learn, wich is live !).
The purple belt is the belt were  »you can start teaching », getting involved in your academy is priceless and will show LOYALTY to your professor, wich is extremely important to instructors nowadays with all the B.S. going on with creontes. (pardon me for my words, lol)

- A brown belt should be focused on his training and taking classes with black belt instructors, but could also get involved in the academy at different levels, like teaching, tournaments prep. coaching, open mats, advertisement, special events etc. At this point you should focus on getting ready for your black belt test, getting in good shape, perfecting your game, rolling A LOT with bigger guys, attending seminars, going to brazil for some training, everything will be good at this point- all in!

-The black belt in Canada is usually a Head instructor or instructor, but should also focus on his training, weither he still has access to his instructors or not(some black belts focus on their own schools for local expansion of the art). Basically the black belt is an ambassador for the art and should represent it with the highest standards possible  :)

Bon entrainement !

David couturier,
Gracie jiu jitsu black belt,
Sherbrooke, Canada.

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